Everything has a foundation.

By definition, a foundation is an underlying basis or principle for something. Every building has an underpinning, every skyscraper a substructure, and every plant a root. Every system, every culture, every individual has a starting point, a premise- a beginning. In the same way, every cup of coffee has a unique and significant heritage. From the water that is filtered over the beans that are freshly ground, the source of our coffee is felt and enjoyed by all the human senses. We begin with the finest and freshest coffee beans on the planet, roasted to absolute perfection. But as each cup of coffee has a foundation, so do we. Our fundamental values are coffee, community, and outdoors, and we take that to heart. We firmly believe there is no better beginning to valuable conversation and friendship than enjoying it over a couple delicious caffeinated beverages. Join us in our delight of excellent coffee, invaluable community, and the great outdoors. A great cup of coffee has a ground zero. So do we. What’s yours?


All About Specialty Coffee

Foundation Coffee Co. specializes in serving excellent craft coffee. We take pride in the process, from the bean used to the water filtered. We believe that every cup of coffee should be made with the finest ingredients and care!


Enjoy coffee with friends

Foundation Coffee Co. is about more than just excellent coffee. We want to positively impact our community. Come hang out at Foundation Coffee Co. to meet new people and be a part of the Foundation Fam.


Beautiful Outdoor Setting

We have a beautiful outdoor setting that was designed by Outdoor Impressions. Relax by the fire pit or hang out on our outdoor couches underneath our giant oak tree! Foundation Coffee Co. is relaxing and there is nothing better than a cup of fresh coffee paired with fresh air!

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